Sodium Gualenate

Sodium gualenate

Product name:Sodium gualenate

Synonyms: Guaiazulenesulfonate sodium

Sodium gualenate is a hydrophilic guaiazulene derivative with outstanding anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties
CAS NO.:6223-35-4
EINECS NO.:228-309-8
Molecular formula:C15H17NaO3S
Molecular weight:300.3484

Molecular Structure:


Sodium gualenate is often used to treat human gastritis and ulcer. Sodium gualenate protects the gastric mucosa through the mechanism of cytoprotection, and it also has an antipeptic effect.
Sodium gualenate can be used for API and organic synthesis.
Packing: In 25kg/drum.

Handing and Storage:Sodium selenate is generally recommended to be stored in a cool , ventilated warehouse . Stay away from fire and heat. The management shall be carried out according to the ” five double ” management system . Packing is recommended to being sealed . And should be stored separately with oxidants and edible chemical raw materials . Can not be mixed with grain , food , seeds , feed , all kinds of daily necessities , mixed transport . Special attention is not allowed to smoke , drink and eat at the operation site . Handle lightly , keep the package intact and prevent spillage . Pay attention to personal protection against packing and handling operations .