PTSA 65% Water Solution

PTSA 65% Water Solution

M.F.: C7H803S
M.W.: 172.2

PTSA 65% Water Solution is an 65% aqueous solution of p-toluene sulfonic acid

It has a lot of applications as a catalyst and chemical intermediate. PTSA 65% Water Solution is a fluorescent tracing dye that can be used to monitor the concentration of water treatment chemicals in cooling tower applications.
Technical index:

Appearance Colorless to limpid pale amber brown
Activated content ≥% 64-66
Moisture ≤% 4.00
Dissociative acid ≤% 1.00
Fe+ ( ppm) 15

Package: 250Kg sealing plastic drums or customers’ request.

Alcohol and water soluble. Benzene-soluble to a small extent. Insoluble in non-polar solvents.

The main use of benzonesulfonic acid is in the production of other specialized chemicals.It is applied in the production of various pharmaceuticals, can serve as a surfactants in washing powder. used in the curing of resins and the production of phenol. It serves as the primary component of electroplating solutions.