Sodium Cumenesulfonate

Sodium cumenesulfonate

Product name:Sodium cumenesulfonate
Synonyms:Cumenesulfonic acid sodium salt, Sodium cumene sulfonate
CAS NO.:28348-53-0, 32073-22-6
EINECS NO.:248-983-7
Molecular formula: C9H11NaO3S
Molecular weight: 222.2366

Properties: Sodium cumenesulfonate is a surfactant of anionic type. It enhances a compound’s low-temperature stability, reduces the turbidity and crystallization temperature of complex mixtures.
Appearance: Colorless to yellowy transparent liquid
Specifications: 45%
Molecular Structure:


Sodium cumenesulfonate is used in the production of detergents for heavily soiled surfaces, wax removers and dishwashing detergents. Substance can serve as a coupling or auxiliary agent or cosolvent. It is utilized in a variety of compositions for the metalworking and oilfield industries.
Packing: In 250kg/drum.