Phenolsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt

Phenolsulfonic acid sodium salt

Product name:Phenolsulfonic acid sodium salt
Synonyms:4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, p-Phenolsulfonic acid sodium salt, Sodium phenol sulphonate, Sodium p-hydroxybenzene sulfonate, Sodium-4-hydroxybenzene-sulfonate,Natriumsulfophenylat
CAS NO.:1300-51-2, 825-90-1, 28469-73-0
Molecular formula: C6H5NaO4S
Molecular weight: 196.16
Appearance: White to reddish needle crystal,a yellow liquid that turns brown when it is exposed to air.
Specifications: 99%

Molecular Structure:


Phenolsulfonic acid is used as a polymerization catalyst, a chemical intermediate, can be applied in metalworking and processing. Additionally, it is used as a component of oilfield chemicals and textile dyes.

Q: Storage conditions?
Keep receptacle tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, and ensure good ventilation or equipped with exhaust in the workplace.
Q: Ecological data?
Slightly hazardous to water. Do not allow undiluted or large quantities of product to contact ground water, water courses or sewage systems. Do not release material into the surrounding environment without government permits.