Cresol Sulfonic Acid

Cresol sulfonic acid

Product name:Cresol sulfonic acid
Synonyms:Methylphenol sulfonic acid, Oxytoluene sulfonic acid
CAS NO.:26590-31-8
Molecular formula: C7H8O4S
Molecular weight: 186.2282
Appearance: from clear to brown colour
Specifications: 90%, 65%

Molecular Structure:



Cresol sulfonic acid is highly flammable and soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone and alkali metal hydroxides.
Cresol sulfonic acid is a crucial technical product used in the production of resins, tricresyl phosphate, and disinfectants.The mixture serves as a disinfectant in household detergents. Cresol sulfonic acid helps to protect against fungi, termites, and psoriasis. It also serves as a wood preservative in items like wooden poles, railroad sleepers, etc.
Packing: In 250kg/drum.