Sodium p-toluenesulfonate is a white powdery, dihydrous crystalline substance that is easily soluble in water. Usually by toluene sulfonation using alkali neutralization after made: by toluene as raw material, through sulfonation of methyl benzene sulfonic acid and reoccupy raw made by liquid alkali neutralization, decoloring, concentration and crystallization, centrifugal to finished products.
Sodium p-toluenesulfonate is mainly used as the adjuvant of synthetic detergents, auxiliary solvents, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Sizing adjuvant for chemical industry and synthetic detergents; As a water aid solvent for synthetic detergents, water content can be increased when mixed with powdery detergents. It is also used as a crystalline additive in fertilizer production. In liquid detergent, it is mainly used to increase solvents. When sodium p-toluene sulfonate is added, the viscosity and turbidity will decrease. When used, attention should be paid to the content of raw materials, inorganic salt and solubility. Especially for liquid detergent, its salt content has a great influence on liquid transparency. Used in the organic synthesis industry, in medicine for the synthesis of doxycycline, pansperidine, naproxen and for the production of amoxicillin and cephalosporin intermediates.
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