Benzene sulfonic-acid is a colorless needle or flake crystal, which easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, but insoluble in ether and carbon disulfide.
Using benzene as raw materials,after liquid trioxide sulfonation and its chemical equations as follows: PhH+HO-SO3H—-△→PhSO3H+H2O. Adding 93% sulphur trioxide 2400 l sulfonated pot, the benzene in the velocity of 2500-3000 l/h flow into the evaporator, after evaporation and overheating temperature of 150 ℃ above the overheating of benzene vapor, through bubbler in sulfate layer reaction, temperature about 170 ℃, the last free acid control in 4-5%. The reaction was completed around 10h, and the unreacted benzene vapor and the generated water vapor were separated by condensation, and the acid benzene was recycled by the liquid alkali neutralization and salt dehydration. Benzene sulfonic acid with benzene sulfonic acid and benzene sulfonic acid. The consumption of raw materials in the preparation process is: 600 tons of benzene per kg, and 750 tons of sulphuric acid per kilogram.
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