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Studies on Synthesizing P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(III)s

Microwave Radiation Method: The procedures are: adding 6 mL p-tert-butyl toluene, 8.4g Potassium Permanganate, 1.0g Benzyl triethyl ammonium chloride and 100mL water into 250 mL three-necked flash one by one. Shaking up and put it into the microwave reactor, assembling motor stirrer, reflux condenser and thermograph. Adjusting the microwave radiation power at 660W and keeping radiating for 50 min. After the reaction finished, pumping and filtering away Manganese Dioxide and get the remained solution concentrated and cooled to room temperature. Adding Hydrochloric acid to adjust the PH to be 2-3, cooling the solution till there is some crystalline come out. That is crude P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA). The fined products should be recrystallized with Toluene, the weight is 5.6g. And it is white needle crystalline. The final productivity is 82.6%. Melting point is 164-166℃.

Potassium Permanganate Oxidation Method:
The procedures are: adding Toluene dried by Calcium Chloride anhydrous, and 30g Aluminium Trichloride powder into the 250mL three-necked flash with reflux condenser and motor stirrer. Splashing 40g dried tert-butyl alcohol into the flash slowly. Transferring the solution into 500 mL beaker and adding about 200g crushed ice. Layering and washing it with salt solution. Reducing the press and remove the remained Toluene.

Adding 300mL deionized water and 54.5g p-tert-butyl toluene into the 500mL three-necked flash, which is connected with reflux condenser and motor stirrer. While heating and stirring rapidly, adding Potassium Permanganate in lots. Keeping the reaction conducting 7-8 h till the purple solution doesn’t fade. Putting the solution into 500mL beaker and keeping it for one night. After filtering Manganese Dioxide away , adding hydrochloric acid. Repeating above procedures till the color turns into colorless and PH valued gets to be below 5. After washing, adding 100mL toluene white solid to be dissolved. The upper layer was reduced press to recover toluene. Cooling to obtain needle crystalline P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(PTBBA).